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Come together; bring together and take in from scattered places or sources.

At the core of human nature is the innate desire to connect. From children on the playground to adults at the water cooler to retirees at home, every person has felt the effects of social isolation (especially in recent years). The Gathering was born from a desire to heal through authentic connection while empowering communities to live more intentional, enriching lives.

Municipalities partner with us to organize signature events in the form of farmer's markets, artisan/craft markets, and night markets. The Gathering's experience blueprint, however, can be used anywhere. Where connection is, so too can we be. We work with folks of all kinds to create their own Gathering, be it a recurring, public-facing experience, a one-time experience for a special occasion or fundraising event, and everything in-between. 

The Gathering is committed to community-building in four key ways:


  • Fostering authentic human connection

  • Supporting causes that matter to us

  • Encouraging independent, local business

  • Making health and wellness a way of life for everyone

The Gathering is rooted in good, from the fresh, local produce of our partnering family farms to the ethically made products of our curated vendors to local music, eateries, and family fun.


AV & Company, a woman-owned business, strategically combines marketing services with artistic elements for clients from the retail shopping industry to next-door neighbor entrepreneurs. Services include unique, curated special events, visual arts, staging, and holiday décor with the intent to create memorable and highly personal experiences.


Our vision incubates all artistic opportunities to deliver projects that integrate a professional presentation and unequaled events for our customers, clients, and our shared audiences.


Founded in 2008, AV & Company fosters creative endeavors and mindfully seeks the path of significance and purpose while contributing to our communities with an intentional connection.



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